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Hello Reader :)Thank you so much for being on my page and choosing to read my article. Today I would like to give a few inputs about love, a word that mesmerizes the world around you. Yes, it is because I am not going to discuss Love in general. I am going to be very specific about the love relationship between a boy and a girl. I had this in my mind for a very long time to reach it to my reader. Below what you read in the image is an expression of love by an anonymous writer - 
I wonder is this how a feeling of a person in love. Isn’t this an obsession of a person? Isn’t this a craving for physical intimacy, a basic instinct of humans? Won’t this break his/her heart when the love doesn’t meet your demand? Or should I say that it’s a need? I also wonder are these feelings perpetual or just a moment of life? As a Counselling Psychologist, I have come across people who continue to cling on to a person who actually disrespects the so-called girlfriend/ boyfriend. It is so hard to let go o…
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Making Life!

Hello Reader :) 
Thank you so much for being on my page. I am so grateful for your love and extended support.
Life is not a bed of roses but there are thorns in it. I know it is clich├ęd but isn't it true? In other words, I would rather say that Life is like a rollercoaster. We all experience the game in a very different way. For some it is such a thrill journey, for some, it is such a real joy of a journey and for some, it is a dreadful journey. There are also some who doesn’t even want to step into it and running away from life. However, life keeps pulling you back and that is called an opportunity, to live and let live.

Today I would like to share my thoughts about how one’s attitude could be towards life.

Our Perspective towards Life in general:
We all have this attitude of blaming someone or something when things do not go the way we want. We just don’t want to take up the responsibility. However, we are in full accountable when something turns out to be good. We feel so good …

Know Thy Pal

Hello Reader :) Welcome back. Thank you so much for being on my page. This post is to give you an insight into a friend or who was a friend. Read it and learn it. I had these thoughts in my mind for a longer period of time and decided to pen it down. So, here it is. Few things I would like to share which I have observed in my experience with friends when I moved to a new place. I decided to share because I strongly feel that you will be able to connect with me in one of the following points that I have mentioned. If you haven’t experienced it then, my friend please be prepared for the near future :)
Let me get directly into the topic as we do not need an introduction to who is a friend? If you would like to know more about friendship then I suggest you to go on and read an article on Friendship by clicking on the link below.
Why Friendship Breaks?I have noticed that friends will drift away when you…


Hello Reader :)
Thank you so much for being on my page. Today I am going to share about 'Fear'. We all do experience it but do we know how to channelize it appropriately? Come let's understand what actually fear is, where it comes from and how can we help us in balancing our mental thoughts.

What is Fear?
Fear is an emotional state of being. Fear comes from internal or external factors. The internal factors can be identified when we experience low confidence, lack of trust, the feeling of insecurity, etc. The external factors can be a threat from a person or an animal or something that will stop us in progressing ahead in life. Fear generally occurs when we believe our perspective. Therefore, we believe that our perspective on external factors will have an impact on our internal thoughts and feelings. Here in this article, we mostly discuss the Fear as that poses a threat in achieving our GOAL in LIFE.
Where Fear comes from?
It's simple! Fear comes from within. We perce…


Hello Reader :)
HAPPY 2020!
It's been a great journey in 2019 with incredible people around me, who has remarkably influenced my life positively. That is one of the reasons I started writing a blog. I thank everyone for your extended support in this journey of my life!
Today I would like to share my knowledge about Parenting. It's not only for the biological parents but also for the ones who care for the children and who would love to guide and channelize the child's energy in an appropriate manner.
To speculate I want you to focus on the following questions. As a parent what is your biggest parenting challenge?How as a parent you are contributing to your child's growth and development?What are the factors that you think will affect your child's growth? Once you have found the answer for above-mentioned questions you would be able to connect to the descriptive image below (Please note that the image was taken from the google source). It's a glimpse of our growt…

Life has a Limit or is Limitless?

Hello Reader :) Life becomes more meaningful when we are recognised for our work. Thank you so much for following and being on my page. Please keep encouraging me by reading my post and leaving your comments.
Today is 'International Literacy day'. As educators we are, let's put our acquired knowledge into practice. Literacy forms the basis of communication and It's my privilege to communicate about 'Limitless' via my blog. The post is all about how conveniently we misuse the quality of life that we are blessed with. With the knowledge that I have gathered, would like to share with you too. Let's introspect once again. Beauty is in the eye of the bearer. Is there a measurement in life? I mean, is there a limit in our life? Do you agree when someone says - it should be only so much; that has to be done to a limit; it is agreed to an extent; there is a limit for everything. It varies right? Life has a limit or is limitless? We differ and there is a degree in our…


Hello Reader ☺️
Thank you so much for being on my page and I am glad to share my new article. I am sure that you will have learnt something new about 'Procrastination' after reading it. Come, let's move towards making our Life more Beautiful.
I will do this later; I still have enough time; I will do it tomorrow. This is what you usually hear from the people if they do not want to do something or if they are not interested. Did I say that you hear from others? I am certain that YOU and I would have told it at some point of time. You must have read many articles about procrastination and time management or you must have heard people speaking about it. It is really not a new topic but yeah it is a significant one.
Procrastination and time management go hand in hand. One might think that I have a lot of time to do and that’s when procrastination happens. We forget our priorities and indulge in a lot of unimportant work. Let me tell you why time management is very important. Steve…


Hello Reader ☺I am very thankful to you for being on my page and I am glad to share my next article. The article is about how to cope with life when we lose loved ones. Come, let's move towards making our Life more Beautiful.

Do you fear death? Does death and dying bring blues?
When we were young we never had an idea of death and dying unless one had seen death in the family. Some of us empathize with the family in grievances and experience their pain. If you are close to a person the pain is the same irrespective of age and gender. It doesn't matter whether loss of a child, parent, grandparent, friend, sibling, well-wisher or even a pet in the family. I recently went through this pain and was feeling forlorn when I lost my grandfather. I was in deepest melancholic reflections. It was then I got these perceptions of life.  Death is inevitable as we all know. There is no point in grieving and wasting our precious limited time that never comes back. No, I did not mean to sound ruth…


Hello Reader ☺
I am very thankful to you for being on my page. It is my third article and I am glad about it. Please read till the end to know exactly what I have said. Okay, let’s get into the topic, Siblings.

Every house with siblings must be filled with fun, crazy fights, complaints, rivalry, and love. Every house with siblings must be….? Should it be like that? Or is it like that? There are houses with siblings where they hardly get to talk to each other. Some are reserved, they kind of talk only when it is needed. Whereas some people have made up sister and brother despite having their sibling. They respect them more than their sibling. Exactly! Nothing wrong in it. It happens only because they have never spent quality time in understanding and accepting each other. They seek love and acceptance from the outsiders. It comes positively only when the parents or caretakers model that kind of behaviour in their presence.

For instance, an elder sister guiding the younger sister in her ac…


Hello Reader :) 

It’s my second post on my blog. And I am so thankful to you that you are on my page and I am sure you will have a takeaway message that makes a difference to you. The post is all about ‘FRIENDSHIP’

I am sure that friends are always there on our priority list. Friends play an important role in our life.
A question to ponder, in what stage of life the word ‘friendship’ actually becomes meaningful?
When we are toddlers we are observers. When we are pre-schoolers we are explorers. When we are in primary year’s program we are socializing. When we are in middle school we are finding our acquaintances. When we are in high school we are looking for acceptance from peer circles. When we are in higher secondary school we are trying to identify ourselves with a peer group who has similar views and perceptions and it goes till our adulthood. When we become adults we have our own set of IDEAS and still trying to find a person with similar IDEAS. 

We are actually looking for someone who …